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One of the very best trained aquatic staffs.
We train our staff to make your child’s lesson a cherished and fun time they’ll look forward to week after week. Watch in comfort from the observation deck and see your child discover the joys of the aquatic world. You’ll find our staff is dedicated to making this experience one of your child’s fondest memories.

First and foremost, our teachers are carefully chosen for their unquenchable love for children. Once selected, each teacher undergoes 60 hours of training before teaching begins. We are careful to select instructors who are skilled, enthusiastic teachers and possess excellent water safety and swimming skills. We train our teachers to utilize “directional teaching,” not turning their backs to the class.

Educators know that rewarding kids for learning is the best way to encourage children to repeat a learned skill. Keystone Swim School utilizes many different types of positive reinforcement to keep children happy and interested. If you watch our teachers, you’ll see smiles, pats on the back, verbal praise, hugs, clapping, high fives, and prizes given in our classes, including M&Ms. (If your child is allergic to chocolate or peanuts, we will happily replace the M&Ms with Skittles). Younger students receive an average of seven candies per lesson.

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Questions? Call us at (818) 889 2224 M-F 8:30am - 5pm | info@swimkeystone.com

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